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Here at Dream Season Wirehairs we strive to produce the best German Wirehairs for the foot hunter.  Located in South Dakota, our wirehairs are used extensively on upland birds.  With South Dakota being the "Pheasant Capitol of the World" we will hunt almost everyday during the pheasant season and always going home with birds.  We are also located where the Mississippi Flyway and the Central Flyway meets so our wirehairs see a lot of waterfowl.  They love the water and retrieving ducks and geese from the water is just another days work for them.  We hunt doves over land and water and with a 15 bird limit per hunter our wirehairs will retrieve hundreds of them during the season.

Our wirehairs have a natural retrieve and an intense prey drive.  They will hunt in any kind of terrain from corn fields to CRP grass to shelterbelt tree lines to cattails and everything in between.  They have a natural on/off switch that makes them perfect to be in the house or vehicles but when it's time to hunt, IT'S TIME TO HUNT!.

If you have any questions about our dogs, pups, or even training questions on your pup please give us a call at anytime.  We will be more than happy to talk wirehairs with you!


Our commitment is to offer nothing but the very best in a wirehair pup.  Our kennel exist because of our love for the breed and our puppy owners. We are very grateful to our puppy owners who have made us what we are today. 

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