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IABCA CH Blueline II Amendment V. Hivoltage JH

Colt is a strong muscular male at 65lbs and elbows good. Colt is an IABCA International Champion and AKC JH. Colt has the perfect on off switch. He is a great family dog but when it's time to hunt he has but one focus on his mind and that's to find every bird in the field for the gun. Colt has no problem hunting 100 yards on the range but naturally goes to gun range in thick cover. Colt has a solid point that he will hold naturally for the gun. His natural retrieve is very fast and his prey drive is extremely intense. Colt is one of those dogs that you know you just hit the jackpot with and we are very fortunate to call him part of our family

DJ Bar Devil's MTN Open Range Tig


Tig is a large female at 65lbs and hips/thyroid good. Tig's cooperative attitude is second only to her intense prey drive. In open ground Tig will work as far as 100 yards but will naturally adjust to gun range if in thick cover. Her hunting is very thorough and she has a great search. Tig has no problem finding every bird in her range and holds a solid point for the gun. She retrieves naturally to hand with a very soft mouth. Tig is a foot hunter's dream and we feel extremely fortunate to have her as part of our family. 

Annika Vom Wardenhaus


Nika is a 55 pound liver and white roan female.  Nika has a very cooperative attitude and is amazing to watch in the field.  She was produced by two great Drahthaars and it is evident when you see her work the hunting fields.  Nika's nose work is second to none and she will stay in the field until she finds her birds. Nika is a very quick and methodical hunter that has no issues hunting in any variety of hunting ground.  Nika is an absolute dream to hunt behind and we feel that we are very fortunate to have her as part of our family.


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